The Neon Human in his Dark Form

The dark side of the neon human

The Neon Human in his Dark Form

The Neon Human was born on a dark night, in the middle of a raging thunder storm. He was born an average human, but with a special ability: the power to transform into a being of pure neon light.

The Neon Human lived a normal life, but kept his special power a secret. He kept his dark form hidden, only allowing himself to shine his neon light in private. He was afraid of what others would think of him if they knew.

One night, however, his secret was revealed. A group of thugs had broken into his home, intent on stealing his possessions. As they approached him, he was suddenly filled with an incredible surge of power. His body began to glow, and suddenly he had transformed into his neon form.

The thugs were shocked and scared, and quickly ran away. But the Neon Human knew that his secret was out. He transformed into his dark form and killed the thugs.